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Niamh Menz, Career Development Coordinator
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Humboldt & Area Supported Employment Program

provides individuals with the tools to prepare for, obtain & maintain employment.  We strive to achieve employment with job seekers by helping them discover & reach their full potential within the labour market.  We do this by developing & understanding each of the job seekers goals, values, dreams, and employment ambitions, determine & support the work readiness of each job seeker & network among local business to develop & nurture meaningful employment opportunities.

We believe in building capacity and skills.

We believe in competitive community paid employment.

We empower people to reach their full potential.

Benefits of working with our Supported Employment Team

Information for Job Seekers

  • One-on-one support with an employment specialist
  • Career Counselling, exploration, and supports
  • Pre-employment workshops and certificates
  • Assistance with individualized job searches
  • Develop or improve your resume and cover letter
  • Interview coaching for in person, phone or virtual
  • On going maintenance for both the employee and the employer
  • On-site support
  • Job coaching
  • Community referrals and client advocacy
Supported Employment Referral Form

Information for Employers

We assist employers to enrich their workplace through diversity. We know our job seekers personally and can connect and recruit employees for hard to fill or customized positions.  We market the business case for inclusive hiring and the benefits of a diverse work force.  We pride ourselves on creating valuable partnerships that can match the right job seeker for your business.

We are continually seeking opportunities to place members in independent employment opportunities.  If your company is interested in learning more about providing employment opportunities, please call: (306)682-1455.

As a Partner we can support

  • Recruitment, selection, and job posting support
  • Skilled applicants with certification such as WHIMIS, First Aid/CPR, Service Best, Food Safe & More
  • Interview space available
  • Pre-screened employees
  • Customized employment
  • Support job matching with skilled candidates

20+ Years

Serving Humboldt & Area!
“HDCS has a strong and unwavering commitment to their clients and the families they support.”

Message from an HDCS Client

School Transitions

Part of a transition plan for a student who is moving from school to life in the community includes career and employment planning. A member of our Supported Employment team can attend these meetings at your request to start this valuable connection to employment. 

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for competitive community based paid employment. We prepare the student by introducing them to the world of work, career awareness, workplace expectations, life and career skills. We develop a plan of action and move through the stages of goal setting and skill building into job development. 

Community Transitions

Have you recently re-located to our community?

Moving to a new community and finding supports can be a challenge. Connecting with our services, we can refer you to local organizations that make your transition easier. If you have worked with another supported employment agency, we can connect and work together to help you transition with all the right supports in place.

Job Search Resource Centre

Our self- directed Resource Center is a free service open to the public.

Services for job seekers:

  • Two computer workstations
  • Photocopying, printing, scanning, faxing etc
  • Phone
  • Cover letter, resume and interview support
  • Community job board
  • Career advice and support
  • Educational and community resources

Services for employers:

  • Free job posting
  • Space provided for employer information sessions or interviews.
  • Support finding skilled employees.

Career Foundations & Connections Project

Innovative program for Career Development and Workforce Enhancement. Building a foundation for job seekers, while supporting recruiting, retention, and personal development with businesses and stakeholders.

Investing in people creates success.

Community Work Crew

The HDCS WORK CREW provides a unique opportunity where the individual can strive to develop or improve their work skills through work-based learning in an effort to move towards gaining more competitive employment. The individuals work together with a supported employment job coach to perform a variety of work. Some of the services that we offer include: Lawn Care, Litter pick up, weed pulling, mail outs and more.

ECBP Testimonials

Being a part of this program and this group has brought out so many things that I had not known I had deep within myself. My confidence, the acclamation from my classmates made me feel on top of the world anytime I had a rocky start to my day. It was a true learning experience for everyone, with mind, body, and soul. I was hesitant at first to join but the group that Niamh combined was nothing short of perfect. I recommend this program to anybody who has a hard time with finding their place in the community & it gives so many opportunities. ECBP was a safe haven for me, I would absolutely be ecstatic to come back even for a small reunion. As well as a big thank you to all the Community Services staff for being so kind, I appreciated all of their presence each day I came in.


Through practical instruction and covid-friendly interaction, the ECBP has thus far put me in a better position to transition into future employment. Niamh you’ve put some “blue sky thinking” into my head and your magical wand has started to bring out some of my “blue sky strengths.” Although I wish this program would continue, I am happy that it provided me with purpose, a reason to get out of bed, structure, some confidence, and a sense of hope for the future. I am leaving with valuable certifications, time management techniques, customer service and interview skills, goal- setting strategies, and friendships.


Work Crew Testimonial

I needed some immediate assistance with a project I had taken on and was having difficulty finding workers on short notice. The Work Crew sent over all the help I needed, in short order, exceeding my time expectations. They were hard and dedicated workers who remained diligent in their tasks until the work was completed, staying past their original requested time to complete the work. I am beyond impressed and would be happy to hire them again any time I need help! MB


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