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The Client Corner is a showcase celebrating the accomplishments of our clients. Video and written submissions about and from our clients will be featured here.

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So Much Snow - A Poem

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Snow has fallen nonstop more than a day,
I must now deliver papers with my sleigh.
In many places it is much deeper than an inch,
Wherever I go the cold gives me a pinch.
In other places it is more than a foot thick,
Stay out too long and you could get sick.
My boots step down and sink as deep,
As in certain places it piles up so steep.
Everywhere I look I see mostly white,
Even in darkness it looks so bright.
With a bowl and jello mix I can make a slushy,
Till the sun comes out and makes it mushy.
Some spots are colored yellow or brown,
To show where dogs dropped a load down.
There is so much snow upon the ground,
We can all hardly wait till Spring comes round.

by: Dwayne A